Evolution of a butterfly


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A Sacred Circle for Women
Conscious Breathwork

"Evolution of a Butterfly
"   Experience this powerful transformative journey into Soul-self utilizing Holotropic breath.  Take this opportunity to be guided deeply with Patrusha Sarakula considered a “contemporary mystic” amongst her peers.


At one point in every woman's life
comes a spiritual crisis.
It is a necessary transformation
towards the evolution of the soul.
And sometimes
 you need
a pair of wings
to remember who you are...

I welcome your journey”

Patrusha Sarakula has completed intensive 3 year transpersonal therapy program, in addition she has spent several years interning with Clearmind Institute. her studies included Gestalt, NLP, Family Systems Therapy and the spiritual Psychology of A Course in Miracles. She brings to the circle her experience in Holotropic breathwork, Rebirthing, Inner Child work and Tantric practices, Shamanic Grief Drumming and Goddess Oracle readings.  Patrusha offers private therapy for women, as well as circle work.

“Patrusha has a unique approach to soul work”
“She’s a brilliant spirit guide”
“She’s compassionate and speaks her truth and helped me get to mine”
 “I have learned to breathe through my life and use her techniques to excel in life not just walk through it.”

Workshop dates and locations:

First Sunday of each month

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Location: Studio B

(Broadview & Danforth Ave.)

Workshop fee: $60 per person.

Please, call to register: 416-463-7712

* Space limited.