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img1"Dear Patrusha,
I am finding it difficult to express how I feel about my work with you.  Because it is new... and in its newness... it is utterly familiar.  It's like all of the reading, soul searching, therapy that I have undertaken in the past came together and suddenly made this leap.  Life is snapping into focus.  Maybe for the very first time.
I read this passage (from "A Woman's Worth", by M. Williamson) many years ago and saved it:  "In every area of our experience as women, we are lost and disconnected because we do not perceive ourselves in spiritual terms.  We think of ourselves as flesh and bone, resumes and relationships, clothes and cosmetics.  The truth of who we are, why we're here, and where we're going is far more spectacular than any of these worldly things can indicate.  We are God's precious vessels, and we are always pregnant with his possibilities...
In talking about women today she also went on to say:
"The world has very little use for your womanhood.  You are considered a weaker sex and are treated as a sexual object.  You are thoroughly dispensable except for bearing children.  Your youth is the measure of your work, and your age is a measure of your worthlessness.  Do not look to the world for your sustenance or for your identity as a woman because you will not find them there.  The world despises you.  God adores you."
These words resonated with me, I feared and believed they were absolutely true.
I could accept that there was no point in looking outward to find meaning in my life, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not find the path to go inwards.
So there were times of success (more than I dreamed of) and times of sorrow (with wounds I could not heal) but there was never really joy, never really peace.
And then --  since the universe is apparently unfolding exactly as it should -- I met you and you gave me a new chance.  To begin again.
Thank you for helping me connect to my true self and believing in me so that I can rediscover the mystical and wonderful reason I was born.
Thank you for introducing me to the most joyous and important adventure of my life time."


“ I was a seventy year old woman when I began working with Patrusha Sarakula.  Now I’m a seventy year young woman.

Central to the therapy were deep breathing sessions which helped me focus on and release the mistrust, shame and self hatred that I had lived with all my live.  The session lasted two hours during which Patrusha was with me one hundred percent guiding me through the darkness.  She never abandoned me, never sympathized or coddled, never treated me with less than an utmost respect.  I appreciate her skill, integrity and alert mind.  Here approach to the therapy was highly individualistic and expressly for me.  I do not believe she has a “formula approach” that she applies to everyone.  She listened and responded in ways I could believed in.

She asks a lot of a client.  It was important to do the homework to get the most benefit so that the therapy does not go on forever.  She emphasized the importance of maintaining a dialogue with myself.  I learned the powerful concept of intention and how it creates my commitment to my healing. 

Thanks to the fine work we did together, I no longer mind waking up in the morning.  I would return to her any time.”

N. C.


"Patrusha and I just finished the goddess ritual where I'm the goddess where I get to receive a boundless love , service, heart and respect. It helped me to get in touch with the goddess that has been buried underneath my mundane worries and constant insecurities. Through becoming the goddess I'm transported to the holiest place which I've forgotten, where I saw feelings in colours and I've spoken in a language of scents."

Bethlehem Tilahun
writer / storyteller


"I found Patrusha Sarakula a brilliant psychotherapist.  She was very professional at all times.  Patrusha showed great compassion and had tremendous insight in helping me solve my personal Problems.  She uses a combination of techniques: Transpersonal, Gestalt, NLP Breathwork, that I personally found very helpful in my healing journey.”

T. G.


“ I’m  ....... from Argentina. Argentina is the first country in the world that there are the most therapist.
But there are not the kind of therapy that uses Patrusha, for that for me was very interesting to test how you are work.
The therapies in Argentina in general are verbal; there are not so much body therapy.
What offer Patrusha Sarakula is to discover you deep inside without words, for that the work is directly, may be with words you cannot arrive the exactly point, or you cannot arrive in you feeling.
Because the work move you inside Patrusha is present all the time to hold you.
I could discover feeling of me self without words, only to use the voice and let me to leave from Patrusha‘s work.
I recommend her for you, to the freedom the patrons we have of our antepasados (ancestors).
She is very optimist and she don’t let you say for example is very difficult to do something etc. is very good!!!

Continue with you develop as human!
Patrusha, I hope you understand my English; it is very difficult to explain me about this topic and more about the experience, to put on the paper!
Please if don’t understand anything please let me know!
I embrace you!
Hugs hugs!

A. C.