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Patrusha SarakulaSoul, Breath and Tantra are the three areas that the client would encounter in the work that is presented to her.

The awakening of the soul through holotropic breath is first.  As you cathartically move away from old belief systems you bring God (or whatever you call the Divine) into your breath. 

Osho writes:  “If you can do something with breath you can transcend time and space. If you can do something with breath you’ll be in the world and also beyond it”.  “There are certain points in the breathing which you have never observed and those points are the nearest points to you from where you can enter into a different world a different being a different consciousness”.

Ram Dass taught a breathing technique, when you inhale you think "the power of God is within me" and with the exhale you think "the grace of God surrounds me".

Next, a profound relationship between one self and God develops.  The spiritual psychology of A Course in Miracles is the foundation.  Processing branches out with Inner-child work, Gestalt, Shadow and Family Systems.
The connecting thread is Tantric work reawakening women’s wholly and erotic lives bringing it in through sexual Tantric practice.  These are specific sexual exercises for the client to practice at the privacy of their home.  The materials are presented on DVDs.  There is no nudity during sessions.


“ I was a seventy year old woman when I began working with Patrusha Sarakula.  Now I’m a seventy year young woman.

Central to the therapy were deep breathing sessions which helped me focus on and release the mistrust, shame and self hatred that I had lived with all my live.  The session lasted two hours during which Patrusha was with me one hundred percent guiding me through the darkness.  She never abandoned me, never sympathized or coddled, never treated me with less than an utmost respect.  I appreciate her skill, integrity and alert mind.  Here approach to the therapy was highly individualistic and expressly for me.  I do not believe she has a “formula approach” that she applies to everyone.  She listened and responded in ways I could believed in.

She asks a lot of a client.  It was important to do the homework to get the most benefit so that the therapy does not go on forever.  She emphasized the importance of maintaining a dialogue with myself.  I learned the powerful concept of intention and how it creates my commitment to my healing. 

Thanks to the fine work we did together, I no longer mind waking up in the morning.  I would return to her any time.”

N. C.

* A complimentary 30 minute first time assessment session.
* Session Fees:  $120 for two hours session.