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Soul, Breath and Tantra

This is not a band-aid self help program. This is a powerful process to establish a life changing transformational practice that will move you, inspire you and align you to your divine purpose. It will create a deep peace of mind, happiness and joy in your daily life, living in love instead of fear and creating sacred harmonious relationships. It is a profound union with one's self and God (or whatever name you have for the Divine). After many years of training with extraordinary teachers I've taken some of the best models that have shifted me the fastest. Soul, Breath and Tantra are three main areas that I work with and have inspired and helped many women to create their own spiritual walk.

Holotropic Breath

Holos means whole and into.  Holotropic breath allows you a passage into yourself.  We tend to run away or sit on the periphery when it comes to any healing work in our lives.  Because the holotropic breath is so cathartic one can’t control the emotions that come up and one needs to surrender and give up control.  The inhale and exhale breath is a continuous circular breath.  What you may find is a great release of emotion or a resistance to an emotion.  The emotions come in waves, almost like a labor and all that needs to be done is to experience it.  As you go into it, be with your emotions while they are there and let the emotions go as they subside.  The old saying “You have to feel it to heal it” seems appropriate.

There is a wonderful native story about animals running away from a storm.  The only animal that runs towards the storm is the buffalo.  Interestingly, the buffalo does this to get through the storm faster.  So in this method you, like the buffalo, run into your storm to move through it faster.   Another common phenomenon may occur is “tetany”.  This can occur when your energy is rising and hits a stubborn defense system.  Tetany is the tingling or clenching or cramping in your hands and feet.  This often happens when the exhale is forced or controlled.  All that needs to be done is you pull in the inhale breath and relax on the exhale.  The breathwork is like a map of your soul.  How you breath is how you think.  How you take in the world will show up cellularly in your body.  The question the client needs to ask is not “Why this did happen to me?”  but rather  "What is this for in my life and what is the divine lesson to be learned?".   There is a line in A Course in Miracles that resonates with me:  “Everything is in your best interest”. 

As you energetically begin to respond to this “Truth” your perceptions begin to change.  Within the breathwork session you may feel that you’re stuck or bored once again – breath on through this – there is authentic energy on the other side.  Once again relax into the symptoms.  You have to relax and breathe into it.  Pain and fear are one’s effort to cling to a negative thought.  Behind all pain and fear is pleasure.  Your heaven is right here, right now.

Sometimes the clients may go to sleep.  It could mean anesthesia being released in birth or a deep block has been accessed.  Sometimes when there is a major block that comes up there is a deep release and the body needs to sleep.  There is no right or wrong in this work.  Each session is like a snowflake and the healing will come out in its own divine order.

Breathwork sessions are approximately 70 minutes and processing is 50 minutes in a safe nurturing environment.   I have a monthly breathwork session where they can also drop-in and fine-tune when there is a need.
Holy Erotic Work

The next arena that a client passes into is creating a holy erotic life.  It’s important to start with oneself first.  You learn to become your own “Beloved” by doing tantric homework.  It’s wonderful goddess work that helps women metamorphose into the extraordinary “presence of the now”.  You will learn techniques on  how to have more powerful orgasms and create more energy around your sexual chakra and breathing into the orgasm.  It’s an empowering  voyage where you learn to align yourself with the Holy and Erotic.

I have infused the transpersonal divine utilizing foundations in A Course in Miracles with holy tantric practices and holotropic breathwork.  I know this powerful trilogy has changed and moved me in my own evolving evolution as it has moved and transformed women I’ve been honored to work with.  Tathata means connectiveness, a weaving in all things.  My father was a tailor and like my father I’m stitching and weaving an individuated soul program for each women’s sacred needs.  I’m blessed to serve you and help you remember your divine suit.

Wear it, be it, inspire others.